Contact Person:Mr Leon Lotz

Postal Address: P.O. Box 102,
South Africa
Telephone:+27 (0) 16 980 3111

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CWI converts process wire to produce a wide variety of fencing and Fastening products. The Primary markets served are farmers (agricultural co-operatives), builders (hardware oulets), Mines, fencing contractors and various State departments.Products include mesh fencing, barbed wire, high-tensile fencing wire, and wire for baling and binding. Most products have practical applications, such as protecting, enclosing and fastening. Wire mesh secures mine tunnels, wire netting protects sheep and ostriches. Barbed wire encloses livestock and game, while high-tensile wire trellises grapes. CWI's high-tensile 'Veldspan' wire is one of the best known products in its field and used by various Parks Board and Private Game Farms to fence nature reserves.
An advisory service is provided to farmers involving fence erection, repair and maintenance as well as training of Farm labourers.A technical advisory service is provided by experienced CWI personnel.