About Us


SAWA is a non-profit organisation to promote global exports of South African value- added wire related products, to grow the export base and markets, whilst maintaining a strong and competitive local wire industry.

We represent the wire industry as a single voice with other stake holders such as the Department of Trade Industry and the South African Iron and Steel Institute and other government departments.

Membership benefits of the Association include:

  • Dissemination of trade statistics, information and international inquiries
  • Assistance with export market analysis and market research
  • Representation to DTI of industry challenges in export promotion
  • Participation at local and international trade exhibitions and DTI initiatives abroad
  • Facilitate collaboration and networking platform for members
  • Industry support for import substitution

SAWA members, all leaders in their sphere of the wire industry, manufacture a diverse range of products such as, wires, strand, chains, fasteners, fabricated wire products, production accessories, chemicals and services.

SAWA is actively involved in the education and training of BEE emerging exporters in business practice and export procedures to export readiness status

Membership of the South African Wire Association is for the benefit and enhancement of all players of the wire industry to improve export practices, growth and achievements.

Competition Guidelines