Wireforce is based in Germiston, Johannesburg and specialise in the production and supply of quality wire and wire products for the Construction, Security, Agriculture, Engineering and Mining sectors. As one of the largest converters of wire in South Africa, Wireforce have developed a vast and varied customer base, from major construction companies to private domestic users. 

Wireforce offer a varied and wide range of quality products which include: welded mesh, mining support products, fabric reinforcement and fencing products designed for specific applications such as high-security perimeter control or simple demarcation and protection.

Contact Person:         Johnny Venter

Postal Address:          P.O. Box 4341,



                                   South Africa

Telephone:                 +27 11 873 1144

Fax:                            +27 86 505 6555

Email:                         info@wireforce.co.za

website:                     http://www.wireforce.co.za

Email:                        sales@wireforce.co.za

website:                    http://www.wireforce.co.za