Contact Person:  Michelle Neermal

AddressP O Box 815, New Germany, 3620

Telephone:+27 (0) 31 705 0500



 About:The Company:

Maccaferri SA (Pty) Ltd , trading as Maccaferri Africa, is a manufacturer of hexagonal woven steel wire mesh, commonly referred to as double twist mesh, used in the manufacture of Gabions, Mattresses and other engineering products. Maccaferri Africa is a subsidiary of the worldwide industrial group Officine Maccaferri and is synonymous with researching, designing and developing sophisticated high quality products which are used for solving problems related to the preservation of the environment.

In addition to the hexagonal woven steel mesh products, Maccaferri Africa offer a vast range of Geosynthetic Products, Turf Reinforcement Mats, Rolled Erosion Control Blankets, Composite Drainage Systems, Articulated Concrete Block Mattresses, Mechanically Stabilised Earth Wall options, Rockfall Protection Systems.

Maccaferri Africa is committed to consistently meet or exceed customers expectations through service-orientated principles to achieve technically, environmentally sound, practical and innovative, engineered solutions. To ensure high quality products and personnel, Maccaferri Africa has an Integrated Management System (IMS) and our System is certified through ISO 9001:2008; ISO 140001:2004 (E) and BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

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